Rise & Fall Of The Shogun Warriors

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Rise & Fall Of The Shogun Warriors

Post by davemerrill »

just wanna point your eyeballs at Mike Dent / Vintage Henshin's new video which is "The Rise And Fall Of The Shogun Warriors", a deep dive into the toy biz of the 70s in Japan & the US and how they collided to give 70s kids fun! It's really well made and covers a lot of fascinating territory, including a weird mid-2000s revival attempt that didn't really go anywhere. Check it out!


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Re: Rise & Fall Of The Shogun Warriors

Post by mbanu »

This is fantastic!
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Re: Rise & Fall Of The Shogun Warriors

Post by DKop »

There's a toy shop near Greer that has the Mazinger Z in the display case, I got to fiddle with it a few weeks back before they put it out there. Their asking price for it is 300.

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Re: Rise & Fall Of The Shogun Warriors

Post by Drew_Sutton »

I never knew that Godzilla toy was a part of the Shogun Warriors line. I bought one of those from a flea market when I was a kid and despite how weird it was for Godzilla to have a rocket punch action, I loved the hell out of that thing.
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Re: Rise & Fall Of The Shogun Warriors

Post by Kame-Sen'nin »

Excellent video! Subscribed.

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