Article on the fonts of Fanta's Zine

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Article on the fonts of Fanta's Zine

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Someone wrote an article on which fonts was used in the 2nd issue of Fanta's Zine:

Does anyone know whether the fanzine was written on an electric typewriter/word processor or something else? Also, looking at each page, it feels to me like members submitted their writings through mail before Fred Patten binded everything together.
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Re: Article on the fonts of Fanta's Zine

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Great to see that early issue of Fanta's Zine. I believe Patten was using an IBM Selectric, a model which had several different typefaces. I do believe other members created their own submissions, APA style - in the early and mid 1980s, desktop publishing pretty much meant the text was produced using a typewriter or a basic computer printer of some kind.

The newsletters and fanzines I produced in the 1980s all involved me printing out blocks of text and pasting those blocks down along with artwork onto make-readys, which is what got taken to the Kinko's and xeroxed. I didn't have desktop publishing software of my own until the early 1990s, and even then I was just leaving blank spaces artwork would be placed into later. I did a lot of photocopying of artwork out of anime magazines and books.
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